General Information - Lawrence Allrounder Photography

General Information

Who and Where

Lawrence, Photoshoptrainer, Sportsmaster, It-Nerd.
Located in Vienna, Austria
I speek German o.c. but i love to write in English.

My photo shoots

My photo shoots are always planned and organized.
For every photo shoot I have a plan or some given scenario.
These plans consist of having the settings (pictures) in mind, which I want to create.
I am not the kind of photographer who tells you „just come and stand at that spot” - I know what I am doing and I expect the same professionalism from the model.
I bring my camera equipment and my make-up artist to every photo shoot. In fact my make-up artist is a very important part of my team.
If we work together for the first time, I insist on a preliminary talk.

Real TfP / Pay

Real TfP means that I do the planning, organizing and I rent extra equipment (if necessary).
I am responsible for the location and the team. I pay for my stuff, my team and the traveling expenses.
After the photo shoot I have to retouch the pictures.
Assuming I do 10 pictures, all in all a photo shoot with preparation, shooting and post processing takes me a minimum of 20 hours pure working time!
You – as the model – bring your outfits and are there during the photo shoot.
So please don't get this the wrong way but I always spend much more time and money than the models. As long as I have to do the pre and post processing, the decision, which pictures are worth to be retouched is mine.


I normaly do not pay the model. Exceptions given for your breathtaking work. As long as i hear statements from models like "You have to tell me what to do" .... don't even think about asking for a payment. How would you fell, if i would ask you which camera settings i have to use? [Think about it.]

Photo shoot details

I announce my ideas on my page. If you are interested in shooting some themes with me, contact me and I will give you the details.
The photo shoots do not take place at a fixed date but I prefer to shoot on Saturdays.
If you have a wish or an idea for a photo shoot apart from what I announced, just contact me.

Respect that I have a strict ethic rule concerning with whom I shoot and with whom I will not work together.
If your portfolio is full of cheap, disgusting, nude or abusive pictures, don't contact me, I will not answer.

I do editorial, erotic, lingerie, fashion, sports commercial – a lot of stuff but strictly no porn. Respect the difference between nude art and porn pics.


I retouch my own pictures together with my team. I only retouch my work and will not photoshop other people’s work without strict (written) permission. I cannot do it for free, I have bills to pay.


I like to communicate a lot, tell me if you have your own ideas about what/ when/ where you want to shoot! I answer every serious mail and I expect a reply from you too.
I don't deal with "possibly maybe" or cryptic messages very well.
Be direct, I answer you directly too.I won't travel long distances for short, unpaid or trade shoots. London sounds great, but I'm not willing to pay the costs just to shoot with you for free there!
My portfolio is constantly updated and all photos are representative of my style.

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